Council and Committees

Family Ministry

Webster’s dictionary defines family as “a group or people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.”  That certainly defines this ministry at Fairview UMC.  We recognize a new baby with a white rose on the altar, we recognize our graduates in June, we have ‘pot luck’ lunches after church services, and we have a Shepherd’s Ministry to serve those who may be shut-in and/or grieving after a death in their life.  All together, we are God’s family.

Finance committee

The Finance committee at Fairview takes pride in establishing the financial framework to support the various groups in the church working in mission to make diciplies for Jesus Christ.

Mission and Outreach
click on the link above to find out more about Mission and Outreach

Staff Parish Relations Committee

The Staff Parish Relations Committee is responsible to represent the congregation in support of the Pastor’s ministry at Fairview United Methodist Church. The Staff Parish Relations Committee evaluates the performance of all paid staff and sets salary for each employee.

Spiritual Development

Our committee works alongside our Sunday School teachers to ensure our adults, youth, and children experience the best religious education possible through diversified curriculums.  We also assist our children and youth in obtaining scholarships for Sky Lake summer camp through fundraising and collected donations.  Our annual Christmas Pageant is one event, of many, that we look forward to every year. Our sunday school students perform a play and our committee offers a family style dinner.  Our annual Rally Day also proves to be successful, welcoming students and kicking off the ensuing Sunday School year.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the care and maintenance of all church property and church equipment. The Board of Trustees is also required to ensure that the church is properly insured.   All bequests to the local church are received and administered by the Trustees.

Worship Committee

The worship committee meets every other month except in the summer months. We strive for a open, friendly, safe church environment in which one can worship.

To meet some of our goals we have started using name tags every Sunday. Our goal for this simple but important act is to be able to allow new visitors to meet and greet our members by name and to make visitors feel more comfortable in wearing a name tag so that we may be able greet them by their name and make them feel more welcome into our house of worship.

As some may notice we have changed the look of the Bigelow entrance to a more friendly softer, welcoming entrance with plants, a sofa, and chairs. We have also started to encourage the use of that entrance for people with disabilities making it easier for them to attend church services and our many different functions. With new signs made and installed we are also allowing new members and visitors to find their way around our house of worship.

We strive for a open and friendly environment were people feel welcomed.


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